Jean Hsiao Wernheim

Business Development China/Asia  

Jean Hsiao Wernheim is the International Chief Executive of Leyi Culture & Media Co., Ltd. in Shanghai, co-Founder of A-Peer Synergy Shanghai Culture & Technology Co. Ltd., a media/music company which developed an innovative business model using leading-edge information technologies to serve the music and entertainment industries.

Jean is an American and Swedish citizen from Taiwan, with 25 years of experience in media sectors and international marketing.  In 1994 Jean served as International Director at MNW Records, the largest Swedish independent record label, developing and releasing Swedish artists and music world-wide.

Jean later teamed up with Bill Zang in China formed A-Peer Synergy in 2008 to create innovative business models and services using leading-edge technology architectures for Chinese talent to grow and develop, developing their skills and talent to compete on the international stage. Jean’s role will be a true two-way bridge between the Eastern and Western cultures to propel A-Peer as a premier music and media company in this market.

In 2013 Jean joined Leyi Culture & Media Co., Ltd. in Shanghai, a fully Chinese owned company with Bill Zang, to further developed more business services as digital content sales, concert tour & artist development, marketing & promotions, live concert streaming to Chinese and international audiences, digital broadcasting & onsite and online educational program and seeking various government grants for projects.