Sebastian Simon Ivanov

Sebastian is a songwriter in the K-Pop industry, having made his debut less than 2 years ago. He co-wrote “Upper Side Dreamin’,” which was featured on ENHYPEN’s DIMENSION:DILEMMA and DIMENSION:ANSWER albums. The track achieved chart success, reaching #1 in Japan and Korea, #11 on the US Billboard Charts, and #1 on the World Billboard Charts. He also co-wrote and co-produced TVXQ’s Yuhno’s “Stay” in 2022. In the current year, Sebastian has secured two songs with HYBE artists, including the lead single and the title track, and another track for an upcoming female K-pop artist from 143 Ent (iKON). He also has multiple holds with ‘BTS’ ‘IVE’ ‘LE SSERAFIM,’ and ‘fromis_9,’ indicating a promising future in the K-Pop industry. 

Seb cowrote and produced the first single for the winner of Australian idol, Royston, ‘When I fall apart’ 2023.
Cowriters include Chris Wahle, Didrik Thott, Arcades, Sweetch and NThophy and Dele Ladimeji

please find a link here with 5 songs from his K-Pop catalogue.