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Boni Jane is an  English born singer/songwriter. She has published over 70  songs in a number of  genres including  dance, pop, folk, rock  and country.

Song writing credits include

– Crazy- Carnivore- Universal Films 2015

– My Valentine- Carnivore- Universal Films 2015

– Measure of your Love- Knight of the Damned- Warner Music 2017

“Knights of the Damned” Cast included Adrian Bouchet- Clash of the Titans, Ross O’Hennessy- Game of Thrones, Andrea Vasiliou- WonderWoman – Warner Bros, Zara Phythian- Dr Strange- Marvel Film. Produced by award winning Ben Lloyd Holmes

Boni has 2 songs licenced to the Chinese Record Label Ru- due for release in Nov 2016 sung by International Award winning artist Dan Olsen.
– Burning Flame
– Baby When You’re Gone

Although Boni is known for her folk ballads, she is able to embrace other genres including Dance, Pop and Country.

The simple and pure melodies of her ballads and plaintive sound of her voice resonate from the heart. While many of Boni Jane’s songs are reminiscent of songs of the seventies they evoke real emotion about true life experiences.

Boni is currently working on an her next album- “A Measure Of Your Love”- a wonderful collection of soothing uplifting songs which are intended to connect with people suffering loss in love or reminising on life’s rich emotional tapesry

Boni’s song CRAZY has been adopted by Bad Pony Media – an award winning team of Scottish Producers  – for the TV series NINETY EIGHT PERCENT – production is currently underway.

Two of Boni’s songs SPECIAL  DAY and MEASURE OF YOUR LOVE have reached an international audience  – being added to the international playlist of songs played at ‘Wedding Moon’ ceremonies across the Caribbean.

Boni’s songs are published on the ‘Wesley’ Music media library and have been played at funeral services across the country including Mortlake and Guildford Crematoriums.

Boni’s SECOND album of love songs- Vintage was sung by a number of singers including the well known Dan Olsen, Sharlette K, John Hogg and Anatol Just.

Boni has headlined at a number of events and opened the Selsey-Chichester Festival in West Sussex in 2016

She has appeared on ITV prime time television as a personality in Kensington Wives and which has been aired many times.

In 2007 she adapted some of her songs into a Musical “Who’s that man?” – a Romantic comedy which has been performed in intimate venues in London. It encompasses a storyline that now links to even more of her songs.she has published a play which has been performed at a number of venues in a regional tour including Ginglets in London’s Shepherds Bush.

Boni is a wonderful lyricist – having written songs about well know performers (such as Joan Collins] and published a book of uplfting Farewell odes for use at funeral services bringing smiles to families.

Her songs are also on the international Cafe Nero Playlists across the world

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